Not this again!

YES!!  We’re rather afraid it is!  Bwoh hoh hoh! (Maniacal laughter)  In the very bowels of ‘Hellingley’ (that’s an attempt at a wordplay between ‘Hell’ and ‘Headingley’ but it didn’t work on any level so let’s move on and leave that ugliness behind us).


Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnock, Emmerdale’s Paddy and Marlon and complete Zombie obsessives, bring you the fourth LEEDS ZOMBIE FILM FESTIVAL at the Cottage Road Cinema, Headingley on April 21st.  It will be a great night out (but not for the whole family.) Dominic and Mark will give a short intro to each film and explain why it was chosen. The movies will be both old and new, giving fans of zombie culture a chance to see classics from the past on the big screen for the first time and some more recent contributions to the genre that may have passed many fans by.

It’s going to be BLOODY great. (See what we did there?) Come along for noon and leave at midnight, twitchy and paranoid, as you wonder what creatures may be lurking in the dark. And then wonder why you didn’t see the apocalypse coming like Dom and Mark did.


Sunday April 21st at Cottage Road Cinema, Headingley
12 noon until Midnight

The Films:

Cemetery Man

Harold’s Going Stiff
Introduced by Keith Wright, Director
followed by a Q&A

Dawn of the Dead
Argento cut

Before Dawn
Introduced by Dominic Brunt, Director
followed by a Q&A

Cockneys vs Zombies
Introduced by Matthias Hoene, Director
followed by a Q&A

Juan of the Dead

After show party at The New Inn across the road
from 12 midnight until 2am